We are a Canadian boutique firm of experienced professionals that focus on strengths-based governance, leadership and change management skills.

Based on many decades of experience and education, our team of advisors ensure your organization morphs into your vision with ease and preparedness.

We guide you along the way to grow to meet the changing demands of business today and in the future.


  • Personalized sustainable approach focused on proactive change and development
  • Full spectrum of governance support
  • Flexible engagements
  • Extensive first-hand knowledge and experience (Advisors and networks) to enhance your options and opportunities circumstances.
  • We are full scope in our coaching and include emotional intelligence or the soft skills to enhance your results


  • Unbiased assessments and support for your unique requirements.
  • First-hand knowledge and experience ensuring growth and change sustainably
    • Strategy, Sustainable Growth & Risk Management including Innovation and Ideation
    • Communications, Brand and Thought Leadership
    • Change Management including M&A integration
    • Culture including Diversity and Inclusion
  • Enhance results with Advisors focused on your unique needs. We provide the added resources you need to empower your organization for sustainable growth.


We empower boards, organizations, people and communities for the short and long term.  We facilitate private, public and not for profits as well as leaders engaged in change.

Our focus is the small to medium enterprise (SME) and not for profit (NFP) sectors or the individual leader.  Size matters and we support your ambitions and goals with the aim of consistency and longevity.


  • Establish an Advisory or Independent Board for success
  • Connection to the “right” people with the “right” skills
  • Strength based assessment and plan
  • Facilitating the creation of a sustainable strategy that is includes risk mitigation
  • Communication, Brand and Thought Leadership
  • Culture (Transparency, Diversity, etc…)
  • Sustainability and Renewal
  • Stakeholder Relations and Policy
  • And much more

Top Reasons for an Advisory Board

  • Advisory Boards help during changing conditions and to help anticipate problems.
  • Advisors can provide perspective not provided internally. Once grounded into the organization, knowledge can be transferred for ongoing benefit.
  • Obtain experience, knowledge or contacts currently not available and may not be affordable with similar full-time resources.
  • Accelerate the speed to execution or development by obtaining key advisors to offset knowledge or experience gaps.
  • Advisors are leaders with impressive track records and contacts. They are invested your organization’s success. When a company showcases its Advisors, it demonstrates that it's surrounding itself with key opinion leaders. It reinforces the company’s commitment to its future

Assessment Tool

Does this apply to your organization?

  • Does your organization need help to execute its current strategy or initiatives?
    • Examples: M&A, sale, succession planning, new market entry, or raising capital.
  • Can the company benefit from positive resources and associations? 
  • Has the company plateaued or is in a rut?
  • Does your Board spend more time on problems or standard activities than strategy, risk review or continuous improvement?
  • Is your Board strength siloed? Are there potential gaps?
  • Does your organization focus on a few top of mind initiatives and leave smaller initiatives unmanaged adding to vulnerabilities or missed opportunity?
  • Is the Board and management aware of growth opportunities that do not have the time, knowledge or resources to action?
  • Does your Board or executive have homogenous thought?

If you have answered 'YES' to one or more of these questions, let’s discuss the opportunity for Great Governance Matters to help your organization.

Great Governance Matters offers coaching and advisory services via its branch, MPOWRU. Explore more here.

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